The Worst Advice You Can Get From The Media

The media likes to tell us how to do everything in our daily lives because they want us to think that we do not know what is the best for us. The media likes to give us advice that will send us to the right places to do everything and get everything. However, there is some really bad advice that you get from the media that you do not even think about. You just take it as gospel because you see how it works in the movies or on TV, and you will be able to get the same results that they got on shows. This is all wrong, and you need to be careful when you do these things.


Pawning is really hard, and there are a lot of things that are just not going to e all that valuable. The person who is running the shop has to be able to sell all the things you give them, and they have to give you less cash than they would sell it for. You will not just walk into their shop when you are in there and get a lot of money for something. You might get lucky, but that is usually not the case.

Escorts Do Not Want Love

There are a lot of people who think that escorts will want to fall in love with one of their clients, but that is not the case. That is what you saw in the movies because that sounds very romantic and fun. The problem is that you cannot about get an escort to fall in love with you because she has better things to do in her life. She making a ton of money, and she is not going to give that up for some guy. She has a lot of agency when she is an escort, and that means that she is not going to give that up for someone that thinks they can have a relationship with her. She is giving you an experience, but she is not going to hang around long term because there is no reason for her to do that.

Organic Foods Are Expensive

The media wants you to believe that the organic foods that you can buy will be cheap for you because it does not cost much money to eat healthy. They are lying to you because organic foods and a lot of fresh foods are very expensive. You will spend a lot of money on these things, and you will find out that you do not have the budget to make this work. You are much better off moderating your diet and trying not to eat all organic foods because that will be too hard for you to afford every week. You owe it to yourself to get the right kinds of foods that will balance your body and your metabolism.

The Government Does Not Care About You

The government has a ton of overworked and underpaid workers who literally do not care about you. They do not have time because they are trying to get through a long day of work as fast as they can. They know that they will never catch up, and they know that they have to do something that will be much better for them so that they are not always stressed out. That means that these people cannot give you a lot of personal attention, and you should be sure that you have figured out how to get what you need without having to lean on these people because they just cannot help you in any way.

The Casinos Have The Odds In Their Favor

You can go to any casino even if you have read some reports about how to win the games, and you will still lose your money because the casino has the odds in their favor. They are making a lot of money because they had favorable odds in everything, and they can afford to pay you back with cheap buffet and comped rooms. You need to make sure tha tyou have a budget for being in Vegas or a casino because you will lose a lot of money if you are not ready to play in the right way.

The Media Controls The Narrative

The narrative that you get form the media is controlled by someone in an office who has been paid off by someone else or has an agenda. You will find that a lot of these people do not want you to know the truth because they want you to be lulled into the false sense of security that makes you a lot more likely to listen to them even if you realize that they cannot give you good advice all the time through their publications.